Would You Rather Stick Knitting Needles in Your Eyeballs?
22 Feb

Would You Rather Stick Knitting Needles in Your Eyeballs?

By Denise M. Michaels

Being brilliant with innovative ideas doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with dazzling writing skills. You can be a great author but a so-so writer at best. Writing’s always been my thing – so it’s a perfect fit for me now that I help people write books.  I was a little girl of eight when I decided I wanted to just write forever.

But it’s not so for everyone.  I should know I have two younger brothers who are dyslexic. They barely made it through high school – but they’re both success stories.  For those who don’t know what dyslexia is – it’s a condition of the optic nerve that makes it somewhat difficult to almost impossible to read. It occurs in boys more often than girls.  You could be smart as a whip in other areas – but reading and writing just isn’t your bag.

My brother Gregg lives in Charlotte NC with his wife and three sons (oldest in college now).  For years Gregg was a salesman and constantly beat the other guys numbers against MBA’s who looked down their nose at him but couldn’t figure out how he consistently sold more than them.  Through a winding path of corporate change he decided to start a business and cut lawns.  No, not your backyard.  He owns tractors with the 12-foot wide mowing blades and 15 employees. His customers are businesses connected with NASCAR who have huge rolling lawns at their headquarters.

My youngest brother Paul lives in Grand Blanc MI. I call him a “machine whisperer.” Married for 30 years, his daughter has her masters degree and his young son is in high school.  I hated when we were kids and he ripped apart my three-speed bike and LP phonograph to figure out how they worked. As an adult he’s been with the same international company over twenty years. They fly him around the globe to fix their high tech machines in their client’s factories. He can almost look at a massive manufacturing machine ten feet away and tell you what’s wrong.

But reading and writing?  It’s still a challenge for both of them even though Gregg and Paul are both successful.  I have great respect for people where writing isn’t their forte. I’m definitely not “the grammar police” when it comes to other people’s writing.  God gave each of us different skills and talents.

So, a question I ask prospective clients is, “Do you like writing? Or would you rather stick knitting needles in your eyeballs?”

They always chuckle, but the answer to that question helps me determine pretty fast – is he right for Book Coaching or Ghost Writing?

If you have ideas, concepts or strategies that belong in a book – let’s talk.  A fresh spin on a popular topic and a better way to solve a problem people want and need help with is more of a necessity to authoring a great book than the ability to conjugate verbs.

PrintDenise M. Michaels is a ghostwriter and book coach. She helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, therapists, speakers and aspiring authors become recognizable and influential. Using the leverage a book provides you can become the go-to expert in your niche. Contact her by clicking here now.



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