How Trump Uses Controversy and Confrontation
16 Aug

How Trump Uses Controversy and Confrontation

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Denise M. Michaels

Some advice you were given growing up from your parents or teachers like following “the golden rule” and “your word is your bond” has put you in good stead when it comes to doing business successfully. Old-fashioned business maxims like doing right by your customers and going the extra mile still get noticed – especially in our highly connected world of 24/7 social media.

There’s also advice you were probably given growing up that sounds reasonable on the surface. However, it probably hasn’t helped you one darn bit. Advice like:

  • Don’t toot your own horn,
  • Be diplomatic and agreeable and
  • It’s better to go along to get along come to mind.

Truth is when you’re attempting to become known as the “go-to expert” in your field of wisdom or industry niche the three bits of advice above are probably the worst you can heed.

In my book “Testosterone-Free Marketing” (now out of print) I said this behavior in your business is like driving down the freeway with one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator at the same time.  Trying to “get yourself out there” while staying quiet and agreeable at the same time isn’t a good plan for growth. It’s like a prescription for nothing happening.

If you can stir up a little controversy or confrontation the media loves to cover it and people start talking. Coming out with a projection or statement about your industry that’s a little contrarian to the popular wisdom and then having the cahunas to back it up can help you go far.

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump and his hijinks the last year in this presidential election cycle you have to admit he’s a master at constantly, incessantly grabbing headlines and driving the news.

On September 23 2015 the Pope flew to the United States from Cuba. The news was all wall to wall coverage of Pope Francis, his followers, his message and more. It was like a four day lovefest with the popular Pontiff smiling down on viewers worldwide. I told my husband, “I’ll bet we won’t hear a peep out of The Donald during the entire four-day papal visit. No rallies will take place, nothing. However, as soon as his jet leaves the ground and heads back to Rome another ‘bombshell’ from Trump will drop upon us with almost military precision.”

Jet Taking OffSure enough. On Sunday September 27 2015 the Pope left to the cheers and waves of millions of fans and followers. The next day on Monday September 28 2015 the Trumpster came out with a statement that US unemployment figures were actually a staggering 42 percent.  He based this on all American adults not working. Whether they were college students, homemakers or retirees didn’t matter. He wrestled back control of the news cycle into his corner once again.

Crowds went wild at his rally that day in Sarasota Florida which was covered by the networks, of course. People agreed with those figures. People disagreed with those figures. Didn’t matter because the name Trump was at the top of the headlines once again.

I’m not suggesting you come out with crazy statements trying to rival The Donald. It could backfire because chances are you’re currently not on the media’s radar. However, if you’ve been in your industry for a long time and you have knowledge about it that runs even a little counter to the common wisdom, there may be a book lurking within those facts. A whistleblower approach can be just the thing to grab headlines, media attention and new business. This puts you on the cutting edge of innovative solutions because you dare to go outside the box and spill the beans on what really works.

Come out with statements without backup and it’s possible you might be seen as a crackpot. However, in the eyes of the media and most people – authoring a book is the mark of “expert status” and backup. Suddenly they want to talk with you and get your perspective if your book is written the right way. (I’m very good at this.)

I’ll be honest from the day before my book came out to the day after my book dropped, I was the exact same person. I had the same background and experience, the same knowledge, the same successes and failures – but I was instantly elevated in status in the eyes of most people because “Testosterone-Free Marketing” hit the bookshelves and Amazon.  It quickly gained a following, selling in 16 countries and becoming a business bestseller. I used that book as leverage for eight years.

You may be wondering how all this works. Truth is I’ve talked with some highly successful businessmen and women who like the idea but get a bit shaky about the idea of things possibly spinning out of control. Believe me, there are answers to all your questions. You simply don’t know what they are yet because this is new ground you haven’t covered before.  There are ways to control the message.

If you’re intrigued and would like to discover more, let’s connect and talk about it.  I’ll be honest, it’s not for the faint of heart,  but you knew that already. After all, owning a business is only for courageous hearts and souls, right?

PrintDenise M. Michaels is a ghostwriter and book coach. She helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, therapists, speakers and aspiring authors become more recognizable, influential and in-demand. Using the leverage a book provides – you can become the go-to expert in your niche. To contact Denise about your book or book idea click here now

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