Taylor Scott –

“I connected with Denise on LinkedIn when I clicked on an article she published about reasons “not to write a book.” After reading, I learned she was a book coach. I never know a thing called “a Book Coach” even existed!

For years I had an idea for a book on my heart and mind. I blogged about all the topics – Leadership, Teamwork, Guest Service, and Personal Growth. But there was a void. I wanted to write a book, but I had no clue where to start.

Enter Denise.

She talked with me for an hour, truly seeking to understand first “who I am.” Then she asked question after question about the “message” I wanted to get out. One follow up email after our conversation was all I needed. Denise ended it, “The world is waiting for your book.”

For eight months, Denise and I met on Skype for our scheduled sessions. I’m glad I learned about “book coaching”, because it was exactly the encouragement, education, discipline, and process I never knew I needed to actually, finally write a book!

Ironically, my book is a nod to the coaches in our lives, threading sports to our current, daily grind in Corporate America. The thread is that we can find meaning, fulfillment, success and happiness in the midst of our current Corporate grind if and when we apply the same lessons our coaches taught us when we were younger, on the field or court.

I’m proud to acknowledge Denise Michaels as one of the key people who helped me write “BALLGAMES TO BOARDROOMS: LESSONS FROM OUR COACHES WE NEVER KNEW WE NEEDED.

I highly recommend Denise as a coach, a partner, and a friend.

Taylor Scott
Anaheim, CA

Glen Gould

Glenn Gould-

“Working with Denise Michaels changed my life, literally! Her ability to walk you through the sea of questions you have as an author is unsurpassed. She has a unique combination of unparalleled expertise, empathy, and just enough “kick you in the butt” to push you past your doubts and fears to realize your dream. I worked with Denise back in 2000-2001. Since, I’ve authored four books, none of which would’ve ever happened if Denise Michaels hadn’t coached me through the first. If you’re an author who knows they should be more successful, or, if you are an aspiring book author with a dream, Denise is someone you must work with.”

Ray Urrutia-

“I’m a proud book author and without Denise’s guidance and expertise it wouldn’t be possible. She’s very articulate, getting you to think through to the next step in the writing process and getting your book over the finish line. Her passion and vision in book development gave way to transforming my words and thoughts into an amazing art form for readers. If you’re thinking about writing a book or have story burning inside that needs to get out, you owe it to yourself to contact the best connection you can make, Denise Michaels. Ray Urrutia, CEO of Pull the Trigger Enterprises, LTD.”

Dr. Johnny Lops –

“Wow! Nearly 2.5 years ago I had an idea of writing a book. Humbled, and understanding I wasn’t much of a writer, I turned to Google asking to find someone to assist me. As if an angel heard my request searching for a Book Mentor who would advise me in how to write my book, Denise appeared. She inspired me and turned the next eight months of my life into a special time as my book came together. She’s an invaluable asset to those seeking guidance; patient, understanding, and always supportive. Her style keeps you going and excited to find time to write a few more pages before your next session together. The book came out so well I received interest from a publisher when I always assumed I’d self publish; a testament to what Denise helped me achieve. I’m proud of the completed product and owe a huge debt of gratitude to her. Highly recommended!”

Michelle Morse –

Denise and I have worked on numerous projects together. Her expertise is always a valuable addition to our writing development process. When drafting a manuscript, it’s critical to have quality control measures in place. Each team member has a job that requires consideration of other members and overall project goals. I fully intend to work with Denise in the future and recommend her services without hesitation!”

John Jeffrey Lundell –

“One of the things I appreciate and frankly, am very impressed by, is Denise’s ability to stay on top of it when it comes to her clients. I can only speak for my own experience but I can only think she’s all over it with personal attention for her whole flock. Denise pays attention to my social media activity and relevant news, suggesting take-ups and angles for me to pursue even a year after my book was completed. Thank you Denise!”

Ann Rusnak –

“How do you take a stack of index cards and a mind map filled with ideas and turn them in to a book?
You work with Denise. I never wrote a book before and didn’t know where to start. Her book coaching program was an answer to my prayers. She provided a wealth of wisdom and experience, guidance and accountability to make my dream book a reality.
I’m excited and thrilled knowing I’ll finally get to hold my book in my hands. “The Journey to ME” is being published by Balboa Press.”

Nayerie Youssefian –

“Denise is phenomenal! I took her book coaching program and am working on completing my very first book! She held my hand through the process with her skill, expertise and friendship. I’m a life coach and also hired her to help me with my marketing. Her input put me on an amazing path! Her book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing” is chock full of good ideas for marketing your business and making it successful. Denise is energetic, wise and collaborative and working with her has been great fun!”

Todd Alan –

“Amazing is the best word I have to describe my experience with Denise Michaels. I interviewed her about her process on my talk radio show, Life Mastery Radio. During that interview my knower knew she was the right person to help get the book inside me out. For eight months, almost every week for an hour, Denise interviewed me and I shared my thoughts and ideas. She took that information and worked her magic. Today I have a book and it’s one I’d buy. Denise is a wizard of words and her magic will make you a book author. Thank you for co-creating “Life Mastery Keys” by Todd Alan. Watch for it at your favorite book store. It’s going to be a best seller.”

Greg Arnold –

I met Denise about 11 years ago through a trusted friend. I immediately recognized her as an authority in her field. When she told us that she was writing a book and what it was about, my partner and I purchased 2500 of them. Since that time it has been one of my goto business references. I moved to the Las Vegas area five years ago and immediately struck up a closer business relationship by forming a mastermind group and inviting Denise to become one of our high value members. I am the author of three books. Denise has become such a valued adviser for me. If you have the opportunity to work with Denise on a book project I recommend her highly.”

Sophia Falke –

“It doesn’t get much better than spending 10 days at sea with Denise Michaels and receiving focused, insightful, and inspirational guidance for your book. I had already written a bit on my own, but the guidance regarding structure and direction for my book took it to the next level. You’ll do well to engage Denise as your writing guru and guide.”

Lorraine Grubbs –

“I heartily recommend Denise as a Book Writing Coach and Editor. Through her mentorship, I confidently finished my book “Loyaltyze Your Organization, How Top Houston Companies Do It.” It will be published soon. Denise taught me how to be a better writer with her coaching and mentoring. Throughout the months we worked together, she helped me craft a more professional, on-target message that will resonate with my intended target audience. She made me think, she made me do, she made me better. I’ll use her for the next book, and the next one… she’s a joy to work with.”

Stacey Hall –

If it wasnt for Denise’s expert author and book marketing insights, Im sure both of my books wouldnt be the best-sellers they are. She provided me with excellent strategies and ideas about how to fine tune my message clearly and effectively for readers. Shes always as invested in my books being successful as I am. As a result, I have a large, strong community of readers whove become raving fans and followers.”

Jentana Lee Dabbs –

Denise has a talent for actively listening to her clients and understanding their needs. Shes been successful in helping myself and her other clients develop and materialize their ideas onto paper and into book form and then how to take that book to market. Denise has been a valuable mentor for me and I highly recommend her services.