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If you’re a publisher who occasionally needs help with short-term projects, let’s connect. I may be the perfect person to fill the gaps that don’t require a full-time staff member. I’m a sharp, marketing-savvy writer with an excellent trained eye toward what makes non-fiction books emotionally compelling and clear to readers.

Your authors in the how-to and self-improvement categories like

  • Business
  • Motivation
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Wellness and Health
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality and
  • Personal Growth

… want their book to position them so it creates leverage and makes them shine as a recognizable, influential, go-to expert in their niche. They understand the power and leverage a well-written, enticing book can provide. Here are several services I provide:

Manuscript Evaluation:

  • Your author, you and I meet on a three-way call. The purpose is to uncover critical information about the book that goes beyond words to get crystal clear about their ideal book reader and the problem the book solves. I also probe and discover what your author wants the book to do for readers and for them. This conversation creates trust and a foundation to evaluate the manuscript.
  • I prepare a report making positive suggestions chapter by chapter so the book creates the outcome the author intends. The report is usually about 20-pages in length and takes seven to ten days to complete and is emailed to you.
  • In a follow-up meeting we go over the manuscript evaluation together. I explain, discuss strategy and answer all questions that arise. Most authors thoroughly enjoy this process because it gets their book closer to their original vision.

Manuscript evaluations are best done before the editing process begins.

Developmental Editing:

  • Your author’s manuscript takes shape and becomes more well-organized, enticing and emotionally compelling for readers.
  • I add structure or re-structuring where necessary and provide substantial editing.
  • The manuscript is polished through improved sentence structure, flow, persuasion and even stories to validate the author’s points – if the author is comfortable with this change.

Services I Provide Book Authors:

Your authors will need consistent marketing to sell their books. Writing services I provide authors include:


Social media is the new currency to build relationships and a platform of enthusiastic fans with prospective readers and clients. If an author is dedicated to building a following through blogging, I’ll work with them to write consistent, appealing blog articles in alignment with their goals for online marketing results.

Web Content Writing: 

Whether it’s a sales letter for an upcoming event, the book itself or simply “welcome to my website” copy, I’ll write it in their “voice.” Site visitors feel connected with the author and web pages become “sticky” and engaging.

Speaking Consultation:

Does your author-client want to use his or her book as a jumping off place into corporate training and keynotes? As a former manager of a speaker’s bureau I’ll save them time, money and frustration. I know the insider secrets to getting lucrative speaking engagements and selling more books every time they speak.

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