Brilliant people with innovative ideas often don’t have time to write a book.

Authoring a book is the best way to quickly be perceived as a recognizable, influential expert. However, writing a book may not be how you want to spend the next six months to year of your life. The highest and best use of your time is better spent focusing on what matters: helping clients, running your business, speaking, marketing, researching and spending time with the important people in your life.

Ghostwriting is an Ideal Option

If you know writing a book isn’t your forte, working with a ghostwriter is an ideal option to help develop your book in six to eight months. Your working relationship with a ghostwriter is a collaborative one. You meet every seven to ten days on the phone and first develop the foundation of your book. Then, the chapters of your book start to appear in your inbox.

Each chapter is written to create a relationship of “know, like and trust” with readers and edify you as an in-demand, expert in your niche. You’ll be happily surprised the “voice” in the book “sounds like” you. After all, when you speak in front of a room full of people or in a media setting you’ll want your book and you to be congruent. The result is seamless and people will want to discover more about you.

Who Gets the Credit?

The credit is all yours, 100 percent. No one will ever know another person did the writing for you. Your name appears front and center on the cover of your book.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, C-level executive, professional speaker, therapist, doctor or coach I can help you write a how-to or personal growth book you’ll be proud of for years to come that’ll provide you with amazing leverage and recognition value.

In an interview on Life Mastery Radio, I was asked a lot of questions by Todd Alan, the show host, about what it’s like to work with me as your ghostwriter. Go ahead and click here now to listen.

Your Time Commitment:

Minimal. A mere fraction of the hundreds of hours spent writing your book. Show up for meetings every seven to ten days and read chapters as they appear in your inbox. That’s it. My aim is that you’re pleased with the result and it reflects your unique voice and wisdom. Period.

For more information let’s connect and talk. Or, if you’d like a little more information before we meet click here now. I was interviewed on Life Mastery Radio and the show host asked numerous questions about what it’s like working with a ghostwriter.

Making a decision about collaborating with a ghostwriter without a personal conversation is almost impossible, so I’m happy to schedule a time for a getting to know you conversation or Discovery Session to answer all your questions. Go to the Contact Page to connect with me. Once I’m clear about your requirements I’ll give you a price for my work and provide a comprehensive proposal including all the terms and my fee for writing your book.

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Denise M. Michaels
Denise M. Michaels, Ghostwriter and Book Coach

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