But I don’t have Time to Write a Book!
16 Jun

But I don’t have Time to Write a Book!

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By Denise M. Michaels

You’ve been thinking about it and you have some great ideas for your book. It’s not fully-baked yet but you still get a quiet thrill inside when you think about it. You have visions of becoming the pre-eminent expert in your niche. You’ve heard about the positive media exposure that comes from being a book author followed by increased influence. That means you’ll become more recognized and in-demand which can lead to only good things.

However, looking down the pike at the next few months you see nothing but demands popping up.

  • A project kicking your backside at your job or business with looming deadlines
  • A  family wedding you must travel to and
  • Your house just sold which will require a move before school starts up for the kids.

You tell yourself you’re just going to have to put the book off until life settles down a bit.

Don’t do that.

Confused manWhy?  Because if you’re 100 percent honest with yourself life never settles down. After you get through the summer and move into your new home there’s painting the kids bedrooms, remodeling the kitchen and then the holidays will be upon us. After the holidays you decide to dedicate yourself to some audacious, challenging goals, your spouse wants to go on a staycation and, and, and… before you know it another entire year, 365 days, has flowed by.

I used to have a lot of ups, downs and drama in my life and I’d say, “Geez, it will be nice when life gets back to normal. Then I realized that was my normal.  I made a commitment to change to a more calm, balanced life. I got dedicated to fitting in time in for the things that were important for me and my future rather than simply running from one crazy event to the other.

I started politely saying no. I never would’ve been able to write my book before making that commitment to myself.  It wasn’t just about willing myself to hunker down and write a book. It was about deciding to live a life that was more satisfying to my goals and objectives which provided the space and calm to begin writing.

visionary-black-womanLife is about one moment rolling into the next.  You’ve probably heard it from Dale Carnegie or Tony Robbins. Life isn’t about the circumstances you find yourself in. It’s how we deal with those circumstances that makes a difference. When I wrote my book I was working 80-90 hour weeks.  I wrote on airplanes and in hotel rooms. I wrote in Starbucks and on a cruise ship.  When television beckoned – sometimes I watched but often I wrote. When my husband and I would make the four hour drive to Southern California to see his family I plugged in a special adaptor for my laptop and wrote as he drove.

People put off the book because either it’s out of their comfort zone or they don’t see the benefits or a combination of both.

As far as your comfort zone – if you can write a blog or a paragraph – you can write a book. You may not know how the structure, organization or other pieces all fit together but you can learn it. It’s like anything else. At one point in your life you didn’t know how to post on social media or send an email. You learned it and now it’s like riding a bike. Writing a book is that way and I know someone who can help you. (Me!)

As far as the benefits – if you’re trying to promote yourself with speaking or media appearances now – it will become far, far easier. If you’d like to appear on prominent websites as a way of promoting yourself it will become like falling off a log. If you’re a consultant and you want to be more respected in the Fortune 1000 milieu –  a book can and will pave the way.  It’s about helping you gain more leverage than you currently have.  The difference between how I was regarded the week before my book came out and the week after was nothing short of amazing.  I was the exact same person however I had the stature of a book author.

Even if you spend only two hours a week on your book, in a year you would have 100 hours invested. Your book might not be finished yet but you’d be much, much closer to being a book author than you were a year ago. With longer term projects like a book slow and steady wins the race. We live in such a “get it done instantly” world we’ve forgotten a simple truth:

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

ibwg_logoDenise M. Michaels is a ghostwriter and book coach. She helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, therapists, speakers and aspiring authors become more recognizable, influential and in-demand. Using the leverage a book provides – you can become the go-to expert in your niche. To contact Denise about your book or book idea click here now.

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  1. Ammyy Admin - July 25, 2016 at 6:49 am

    Yes, you do. Time isn’t the issue; it’s priority, and specifically prioritizing yourself. I learned this the hard way this past week.


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