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As we careen headlong in a world where constant change is the new normal, the question looms, “What will you do to distinguish and differentiate yourself from all the me-toos and wannabes?

“You’re a respected professional and you’ve been doing your thing a long time. You know your stuff and have great ideas, innovative ones. Sadly they’re rarely heard except by clients and friends. It’s time to play on a bigger stage. However, conventional marketing brings awareness, but it won’t get you to your destination.

Authoring a book is the time-honored way to elevate your perception professionally from where you’re at now to a national or even international level of prominence and expertise. It still works. In fact, authoring a book is the best way to open you up to a world of new prospective new clients or customers and be seen in a new light.

My Story as a Book Author

In August 2005 I released my book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing.” I wrote it to help women small business owners get over the hesitation and fear they experience around marketing and selling. After all, men and women are different, right? We don’t set aside our gender just because we start a business.

As a marketing trainer for a famous mega-bestselling author and seminar guru I saw this in almost every woman I met. Earlier, I experienced the same feelings. I researched how women are socialized differently from men. I couldn’t find any books on how our differences impact women in marketing/selling. Plus women were and still are starting businesses at double the rate of men. So I wrote the book.

I explained to thousands of readers it was okay to make different choices and utilize both yin and yang – masculine and feminine sides of our personalities. In a gentle way I told women readers if you want to be a business owner it’s time to grow up.

Getting Famous in a Niche

My book spawned a huge number of radio interviews, a few television appearances, big magazine articles and lots of speaking events and conference appearances. That bit of fame was fun and I took it in stride. I saw it as part of the game of becoming more in demand and it absolutely worked.

It was time to leave the safe world of training and fly free. I freaked out for a day, took a deep breath and made my move in December 2006. Then the economy crashed and I live in Las Vegas NV, ground zero for the housing and credit debacle. Even my mega-bestselling former boss fell on tough times.

mebookblueshirt650I worked my tail off during those recessionary years. Many marketing “gurus” and coaches I knew slipped quietly back into the corporate world. I kept increasing my fees each year, traveling for business, and, on vacations with my husband.

I became the world’s foremost expert on “marketing for women.” I created the niche – dreamed it up when no one else did. There were plenty of books on “marketing to women” but by switching one little word: “for” instead of “to” I was unique and it made a difference. I increased my fees annually. The book helped me stay in demand.

My book became a business bestseller and sold in 16 countries. It kept getting attention which brought clients. They’d say, “I went to a talk you gave in Los Angeles.” Or, “I heard you on the radio in Minneapolis.” Or, “A friend lent me her copy of your book in New Zealand.” Eight years after its release I still got clients who mentioned they heard about me through Testosterone-Free Marketing. It brought a wonderful income through my clients from all over the world.

For book authors “fame” isn’t about paparazzi and flashbulbs. It’s not about screaming fans demanding autographs, although I loved every autograph I signed in my books. It’s about building a platform of fans and a cadre of happy people who want your help. You may reach a point where you say, this is as much business as I want. Or, you either hire more people, raise your rates and do both.

Helping People Author Books

In 2011 clients started asking me to help them write their books. I loved it because writing was and always will be my passion.  In 2012 I was asked to create group coaching programs. Changing from marketing coach and speaker to book coach and speaker was easy. I did group coaching programs for two years but I enjoy working one-on-one with clients more. Personalized attention is important and I strive to be fully present and give my best.

I’ve always had clients ask for help with writing – whether it was editing a book, copywriting, PR materials and more. In 2013 I started ghost writing. While I enjoy book coaching as much as ghostwriting, I’ve ghostwritten books on:

  • woman hands on keyboardReal Estate Investing
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Loyalty in the Workplace
  • Motivation
  • Spirituality
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • How to Stop Addictive Behaviors
  • Relationships
  • Millennials and Success
  • …. and more
All are full-length books of 200-240 pages. If the goal of your book is to help readers live a better life and leverage you – lets schedule a Discovery Session and talk about it. If you’d like to hear more click here now. During an interview on Life Mastery Radio the show host asked numerous questions about what it’s like working with me as a ghostwriter. Or, go to the Contact Page and let’s connect.
On the personal side of my life I’m happily married to my husband Ernie, a former aerospace financial analyst, now semi-retired as a teacher. We love travel, both domestic and international, theatre, walking for fitness, family and friends. If you’d like more information about my background click here now.

All the best,

Denise M. Michaels
Denise M. Michaels, Ghostwriter and Book Coach

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