Denise Michaels’ 2nd Write Your Book Workshop at Sea
02 Mar

Denise Michaels’ 2nd Write Your Book Workshop at Sea

man on cruise shipThere’s something glorious and beautiful about being on the ocean blue that inspires, motivates and opens our minds and hearts to write, organize and create more freely.

Taking time for yourself to breathe and unplug may be the smartest thing you do to help yourself become a book author in 2017. You know it’s important. You know if you don’t find a way to step back from all the busy-ness of your life for a while – it probably won’t happen.

On Friday April 28 I invite you to step aboard the spectacular Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas at the Port of Miami FL for my 2nd Write Your Book Workshop at Sea. Care to join me? It’s a two-week Transatlantic journey to get away from the things of civilization, feel the sea breeze and focus on your book. You’ll write, strategize, relax and enjoy.

Who am I?

Denise @ Barnes & NobleAs a Book Coach and Ghostwriter I help my clients go from “a good idea” to become book authors. Many people don’t want to share that someone helped them write their book. However in the deep inner circles of the book writing world I’m known in hushed tones as “The Expert’s Expert” in the field of helping people write non-fiction books around the world.

My own book became a business bestseller and sold in 16 countries. It was a fierce, kick-butt marketing tool that brought priceless media attention for eight years. Since, I’ve helped hundreds take the steps essential to become a successful book author. Click to see bio page.

I’ve helped people with books on a myriad of topics including Business, Personal Growth, Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Success, Motivation, Cookbooks and more.

Before You Step on the Ship

I’ll help you build the foundation for your book so you’re prepared. You’ll get a one-hour, one-on-one consult with me. We’ll get to know each other and also share in an online webinar before the cruise begins. It’ll open you up to discover – you have a great book inside and you’re the ideal person to write it. You’ll prepare the framework for a book that can make a huge difference for readers and for you. The moment you step on the ship you’ll already be closer to completing your book.

Some will have a book idea in their head. Others will have started a book and got stuck. Either way you’re welcome. Because I’m only accepting four registrants, I can easily answer your questions and help you individually with what you need to get past what’s stopping you and get writing.

The Help You Need to Become a Book Author

Alaska - Woman on Cruise ShipOn the ship you’ll be free to write without the distraction, demands and stress of life that often results in feeling stuck. I’ll also give you proven strategies to help you open up to fresh ideas.  You have what it takes – you need support, encouragement and time and space  to free yourself up for a little while to make it happen.

You need an expert to guide and direct you so you know you’re heading the right direction. I’ll help you easily speak your message in a way that’s clear, compelling and brings readers to grow and understand.

Here’s What You Must Know:

I don’t help people with every book genre. Fiction isn’t my thing. If you want to write a novel, a mystery, a romance, a children’s book – or anything that’s a made-up story, this isn’t for you. However, if you want to write a book to make reader’s lives better, my 2nd Write Your Book Workshop at Sea is perfect for you. If you want to write a book about:

man-computerBusiness or Success                                  Motivation or Inspiration                           Personal Growth or Self-improvement  Relationships                                                         Fitness or Wellness                                   Spirituality or Faith                                          Food and Cooking

Or, weave your story throughout a book intended to help readers with their own lives.

Why do I only Help  with Non-fiction Books?

It’s simple:  1) I don’t read fiction books. The last fiction book I read was “The DaVinci Codes” in 2003.Yet, I’m constantly reading non-fiction books and understand what makes them work and what makes them successful.  2) Non-fiction books sell twice as well as fiction in today’s book market, whether digital or in print.

Couple having Coffee on DeckDuring our days at sea (nine out of 14 days) I’ll meet with you and a select group of aspiring book authors. I’m only accepting four attendees. That’s it. We’ll meet for two hours each day – usually from 10:00 am to noon. If a spouse, partner or friend joins you for the cruise, they don’t have to be part of the workshop. They can enjoy everything the cruise offers. You can join them after the two hour workshop each day.

You’ll get encouragement support, strategy, brainstorming and more. We’ll dive deep into what your book needs for you and for your readers.

There will be numerous opportunities to ask questions, have me go over your writing personally and make specific, positive suggestions to make your book better. The last day of the workshop we’ll share a farewell dinner together to celebrate your wins and acknowledge you for taking this time to write your book.

RC NavigatorAlong the way this Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas cruise stops at the island of Ponte Delgado, Azores, Lisbon Portugal, Vigo and La Coruna Spain and Havre (Paris) France. You’ll finally step off the ship in Southampton England Friday May 12 where you’re free to fly home or stay in London.

Ten days after the cruise on Monday day May 22 we’ll meet one last time to discuss your progress and questions going forward. Finally, once home again you’ll get a private consultation with me to discuss the marketing plan for your book going forward.

Yes, it’s a big deal to take two weeks to cross the Atlantic and focus on your book. I get it. However, the four smart people who jump in will change their perspective and change their life in amazing ways by becoming a book author.

If you’ve tried to do it yourself – this may be what you need: guidance, direction, support and strategy to bring your book to completion. Writing a book requires dedication. Reading this far tells me you’re committed to results in 2017.

old clockIf time is the enemy – you’ve got great ideas swirling in your head but no time to get them organized and written down, getting away from your life and taking the time to focus while you’re with an expert for 14 days will create results. Bring your goal of being a book author to completion this year.

The workshop fee is $897 USD for your exclusive journey to become a book author. I’ll only accept four attendees.

Current info about the cruise can be found on Orbitz by clicking here now. I’ve booked four cruises through Orbitz. They provide personalized service. Once registered I’ll provide contact info to agent Anne Marie to get you booked.

Staterooms for this cruise on the Navigator of the Seas start at $700 USD for interior cabins and go up to $2,450 USD for suites.*

Jet Taking OffDoes it sound right for you? Connect with me and let’s talk about it.  Let’s have a one-on-one conversation on the phone or Skype to determine if the 2017 Write Your Book Workshop at Sea is perfect for you. I’ll send you the agreement. When you’re ready to register for the workshop you can do so by clicking here now.

All the best,

Denise M. Michaels, Ghostwriter and Book Coach                                          International Book Writing Guild                                                                                      Las Vegas, NV                                                                                                                   702-401-6313 *                                                                              

*Pricing information for the cruise was accurate as of March 2, 2017. Price doesn’t include sales tax, tips, beverages, excursions and other extras. The workshop fee is separate from the cruise fee.

** You must have a current, valid passport. Royal Caribbean will ask that your passport expiration date is after November 2017.

*** You will be expected to provide your own laptop with a power cord and battery – just in case a plug isn’t available. Please have MSWord on your computer.

**** Want to bring a partner or a friend? They don’t have to join in the workshop. From 10:00 am to noon they can relax and enjoy the cruise while you’re in the workshop.

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