Best Business Decision Ever – Write Your Book!
26 Apr

Best Business Decision Ever – Write Your Book!

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By Denise M. Michaels

The funny thing about writing a book if you’re a business person and not a writer at heart – is if you never do it, people won’t say, “What a shame – he never wrote a book!” Not once. That’s why I think many people avoid it.

There’s no deadline or “have to” about it except the one you create for yourself. But if you buckle down and author a book, amazing things can happen. In fact, people in the know call authoring a book the “business card on steroids.”

I love working with people I call “wisdom professionals.” Maybe they haven’t always sold their wisdom as “a product.”

  • Perhaps you’ve been a CEO or successful business owner. Now you like the idea of sharing your knowledge and doing some speaking/training.
  • If you’re a speaker, trainer, coach or business consultant – you already know the power a book can bring to your business.
  • Therapists, doctors and healers make the people they help feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually. However, without a book you can only impact one person at a time.

onegreenappleFor a decade now there’s been a big focus on the idea of “branding yourself.” It’s essential because if you don’t control your brand or your message, others will. But branding is more than just a cool logo and a great looking headshot.

Taking charge of how you’re perceived and directing your message as “an expert” can make the difference between constantly reaching out for new clients compared to having them flock to you.

Here are a three important considerations to weigh in on when you think about authoring a book:

First, decide what to author a book about. What problem do you love  helping people solve? In fact, you enjoy it so much you can talk non-stop about ways to solve it: the pitfalls, what to look out for and stories of success from people who solved it. You can cite failures among people who didn’t take your advice, too. Or, the story can be yours woven into a book that will eventually be filled with strategies, tips, checklists, examples and more.

A question to ask yourself is, “What is my life the laboratory for – for which I am the perfect answer?”

Second, if you want your book to leverage you and make you more influential and in-demand, don’t write a Memoir. Why? Memoirs are the slowest selling book category. Think about it. People who want to live a more holistic lifestyle, overcome sales objections or have better relationships don’t look in the Memoir section for help from a book, right?  In most facets of our lives we don’t want to be told how to live. However, when we read a book, that’s exactly what we want and expect. Action steps, strategies, checklists all provide what readers want whether the problem is losing weight, raising kids or starting a successful business.

Do you remember when Borders Booksellers closed their doors for good in 2011? I had a Borders store close to home where I’d meet friends, shop and buy a cup of tea and work on my laptop. When the “Store Closing” banners went up I stopped in every few days to see what was moving, what was being marked down, etc.

On the last day my local Borders was open I went in and everything was gone. The bookcases, the soda fountains, everything. The only thing left was three tables piled high with memoirs. At 90 percent off, they still couldn’t give them away.

Third, don’t settle for a short ebook. It won’t get you to your goal. You don’t have to author “War and Peace” but a short ebook won’t get you:

  • the media coverage you’d like
  • speaking engagements
  • or clients and customers as you planned.

People like radio and TV show producers as well as event planners have discovered how to weed out the people who aren’t the real deal and who’ve written little throwaway ebooks. If you want to provide a free giveaway to get people into your email list, short ebooks are fine. However, don’t expect something short that’s been tossed together to get you over the finish line.

It’s said content is king, and I agree. That means well-done content that truly helps readers and provides substance, not platitudes, is emperor.

woman floor laptopFinally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have no idea where to start but you enjoy writing and can consistently dedicate a few hours a week to writing your book, working with a book coach is a smart move. You can do it, you just need a little help to get you to the finish line.

A book coach like me will provide guidance, direction and support to keep you moving forward without going off on tangents, ending up with a hot mess. I’ll keep you focused on the goals for your book and the readers you want to help, so when it’s done you’re proud of it for years to come.

If you have great ideas and concepts to share, but you don’t enjoy writing, there are options available. If writing isn’t your thing, you’re too busy and you have the resources – a ghostwriter like myself will collaborate with you on a regular basis, write the book for you and even make it sound like your unique voice.

My book, “Testosterone-Free Marketing” became a business bestseller and sold in 16 countries. When the economy was tanking here in Las Vegas due to The Great Recession I was full up with clients and raising my fees every year. Other wisdom professionals I knew who never authored a book sadly took down their shingle and quietly skulked back into the cube farm. I was picking out a new car and taking great vacations with my husband.

If you’re intrigued, a discovery session is a great way to start the journey and get your questions answered. Let’s talk about where you’re at, how your book can be positioned to not just maximize your brand, edify you as the go-to expert and create an emotionally compelling tool that builds a relationship of know, like and trust with readers.

PrintDenise M. Michaels is a ghostwriter and book coach. She helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, therapists, speakers and aspiring authors become more recognizable, influential and in-demand. Using the leverage a book provides – you can become the go-to expert in your niche. To contact Denise about your book or book idea click here now.

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