A Confused Mind Always says, “No”
23 Feb

A Confused Mind Always says, “No”

By Denise M. Michaels

Maybe you’ve heard it before. I thought it was so important it was the first of my five marketing steps in my book. Time to brush it off and talk about it again since I’ve seen some awful examples lately of people having confusing brands and messages regarding their marketing.

You’re smart so you probably already know the first thing important about your brand is that everything should be congruent. In other words if your logo is blue and green everything about your business from your website to business cards to signage should reflect those same colors and look.

What a lot of people don’t understand is the “confused mind says no” concept extends way beyond the visual. In fact your brand is everything about the experience of doing business with you. That means from the first introduction of your product or service to the sale, after the sale and the relationship you build with that customer or client over time should project the same “feel” and “message.”

When a business grows fast the brand can get out of control and become a little “sloppy” as different people from sales to marketing to customer service have a different “take” on your mission statement and your brand. What do I mean?

  • Your sales team is out there saying different things to different customers, making different product claims.
  • An admin is making advertising decisions she things “looks new” out of alignment with other aspects of your brand and
  • The customer service person who happened to have a bad day didn’t represent your business in the best way as she normally does.

For smaller businesses where the owner wears a lot of hats – it’s all you. You have a website with one look, advertising with another look and a social media presence that doesn’t keep up with inquiries, which makes the business look unfriendly. Truth is you might be friendly and love your customers but you’re keeping so many plates spinning you’re a little overwhelmed. The result of that can be confusion within customers. and a confused mind says no.

Getting everything on the same page is a matter of taking an a couple hours to print out and look at every message or image going out about your business. How can you make them look, sound and feel more congruent? Are you tracking results to get a sense where new business is coming from? Are there a few images or messages that should be scrapped entirely? If you have a hard time keeping up with social media either you want to block out the time to get it done in a timely way or hire a Social Media Manager, even if it’s just on a part-time basis.

Chances are there’s an amazing story of how your business came to be, grew and reached the level where you’re at now.  Over time you’ve probably developed certain problem-solving philosophies and strategies that would help other business owners. Or, you have a way of staying positive and keep your “can-do” attitude even through challenging times. Ever consider putting the story of your business and who you are in a book?

A book is a great way to extend your brand and share your message on a far deeper level. Your narrative can be emotionally compelling and make people want to do business with you just because they like your story.

The leverage that can be obtained through authoring a book is especially true for wisdom professionals. What’s that? A wisdom professional is a business owner who’s success is focused on selling his or her wisdom. So if you’re a management consultant, a trainer, a speaker, a doctor or therapist or even a coach – you should have at least one book to your credit.

If it’s done right, authoring a book is a great way to clear up confusion or  misperceptions about your business. It also helps readers see you and what you do in an entirely new, more positive light. When you develop more clarity and position yourself as the leader in your field you create an opportunity for readers to connect with you and build a relationship so you’re seen as the go-to expert.  Confusion is swept away and people want to do business with you because they feel they’ve come to know about you based on what they’ve discovered through the pages of your book.


Denise M. Michaels is a ghostwriter and book coach. She helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, therapists, speakers and aspiring authors become more recognizable and influential. Using the leverage a book provides you can become the go-to expert in your niche. Contact her by clicking here now.


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